Mission statement

At NewDoggy.com our Mission is to help people find a four-legged-friend in an ethical way and through this make their life happier and more meaningful.


We believe that our core value is the promotion of Ethical and Responsible Breeding methods, and that our core asset is our customer base. Our team members provide our company with a cumulative experience of more than 150 years of working with dogs. We also provided our services to several thousands of happy dog owners in 90 different countries. Feel free to contact them in case you are or plan to be one of our many customers.


Sometimes the best things in life start simply. A friend asking for help on how to send a puppy from A to Z becomes friends of friends asking for the same, even asking for advice on the right breed and how to properly take care of a puppy. Ani and Geza not only had compassion for the puppies, but also extensive knowledge in figuring out the best routes.

Their love for animals, coupled with their expertise in business and logistics, was the real solution, thus the creation of newdoggy.com.

One after the other, people who shared that love and possessed knowledge from all areas of life came together to develop a team of professionals who want to help spread a little more joy, one puppy at a time.


At the forefront of our long list of priorities stands the well being of our puppies. Understanding the legitimate concerns of both the prospective buyers and the breeders, we have implemented a system based on transparency and consistent checks, ensuring ethical breeding practices are followed and responsible dog owners are found.

By dedicating ourselves to the belief that our clients only deserve the best, we have built a network involving the best breeders Europe has to offer. Having reached our standards, our Breed Consultants routinely visit these breeders to audit and make sure they keep on adhering to these standard and to scout for the best puppies these kennels have to offer. After an exceptional litter is found and the puppies’ pedigrees are verified, our trusted vet makes sure that each and every puppy is in optimal health. Those puppies that pass our rigorous checking, then qualify to become New Doggies and are considered to be promoted on our site.

Read about our Health Gurantee.

We kindly ask our customers to fill out our Responsible Dog Owner Questionnaire and declare where and how they intend to raise their new puppy. In order to make sure that our dogs arrive to the best possible owners we always check, advise and train them first. This is not always easy but we always find a way. Inadequate owners are blacklisted.

Read the Full Guide on what it means to be a Responsible Dog Owner.

After a New Doggy is chosen, we vaccinate the dog according to its age and the requirements posed by the country of destination. As an extra precaution, a qualified vet performs a medical check-up just before the puppy departs on its journey to its forever home. Our experts thoroughly check on every step of the puppy’s journey, guaranteeing the safety and well being of the dog.

Learn more about our travel procedures here.

Once a NewDoggy, forever a NewDoggy. Our team will walk you through every step of familiarising your puppy to the new environment, as well as provide insights and support on training and behaviours. Our blog is always updated with the latest articles on how to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Check out our blog here.


WHY NewDoggy.com…

  • We are dog lovers like you.
  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards.
  • We have many years of experience working with dogs on an international level.
  • We only sell the healthiest dogs coming from the best, top quality bloodlines.
  • We have the means and the people to understand dog behaviour better than anybody else.
  • We have a system that ensures that you get the best dog, ensuring value for money.
  • We will constantly update you throughout the adoption process and are always happy to respond to your queries.
  • We provide a Health Guarantee and a special Lifetime Puppyness Guarantee; a testament of our confidence that we believe we have provided you with the best puppy possible.
  • Our team is always at your disposal. Your journey with us does not finish at the arrival of your puppy. Our team will always be there to support you.
  • We also love to hear good news – something that we luckily get to hear about all the time.
  • Lovely mementos of you and your puppy are always welcome.