Buying a New Doggy is a big commitment. Our goal is to find the right dog for our clients and a loving home for our dogs. This is how our Ethical and Responsible Certified Online Service works.

Please use our Puppy Finder to select a breed. If you are unable to decide on a breed, please fill in our Breed Selector and based on your answers, our team will suggest one or more breeds of dog that we feel suits your personality best. We will take into consideration the dog’s future housing conditions and the owner’s lifestyle.

Please check the available puppies carefully. Go through their profile page, and carefully read the description (’s note) for those New Doggies that piqued your interest. Make sure to read the breed information found at the bottom of each breed profile. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Once you have decided on which New Doggy you want as your future companion, press the “Reserve Now with Shipping and Extras” button or scroll down to this section.

In the Shipping Section, you are asked to select your desired means of shipping. Door to door car transport is available to 7 European countries. Shipping to other countries needs to be done by plane to an airport close to your home where you will be able to pick up your New Doggy. While road transport is free, air travel costs money. You will, however, be provided with a discounted airfare and some dogs even fly free. The Shipping Discount cannot exceed USD 500. We reassure you that dogs traveling by plane, travel very comfortably. Our partners at Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, keep a keen eye on our dogs and make sure to only select those airlines that offer the best conditions to all their canine passengers. also offers to export a puppy’s Pedigree and Socialisation Training as two extra services. Choose to Export Pedigree if you would like to register your new dog with your country’s kennel club. We also offer Socialisation Training to teach your dog how to behave properly in various social situations. Socialization acclimatizes your dog to travelling by car and other means of transport. Socialization training also teaches the dog how to peacefully share the house with other family members and pets. Dogs undergoing socialization training will live with our Dog Trainer from when they are 10 weeks old until their departure date. Our professional Dog Trainer will provide the dog with a basic level training, onto which future owners can build further. You can read more about our extra services on offer here.

After sorting out Shipping, and any Extra Services, you can finally reserve your dog by clicking on the “Reserve NOW” button.

In case you change your mind, you can withdraw your reservation within 48 hours without suffering any penalties. In this case, your deposit will be fully reimbursed (after deducting any transaction fees and other bank fees).

Once you have clicked on the “Reserve NOW” button, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable USD 800 deposit to confirm the reservation of your desired dog. Your deposit will only be reimbursed if you cancel your reservation within 48 hours of its placement. Related payment fees such as bank fees will be deducted from the final refunded amount. We also reserve the right to refuse your order if we feel that contacting you to discuss further details and delivery is proving to be too difficult. We accept the followning payment methods: PayPal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Bank Transfer payments can take up to 7 working days to go through. Working days are defined as Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. We will only reserve your dog, after receiving your deposit (or after the amount is credited to our account, in cases when bank transfer is used). After reservation your dog is taken to our Veterinarian for a full medical check-up. In the unlikely event that the dog you have chosen has already been sold by the breeder, or is found to have a serious health issue, you will be reimbursed with a full refund (including any payment fees).

Our final price includes your New Doggy, shipping fees (if any), VAT (only in European Union countries) and the price of any selected extra services. This has to be paid 10 days before delivery.

The dogs we deliver are no younger than 3 months old (so as to make sure that your New Doggy is fully vaccinated for rabies). Should you reserve the dog at a younger age we offer your New Doggy a free boarding service until it reaches the required age limit. This means that your New Doggy will stay with the breeder and enjoy the company of its original family until it is ready to travel.

In case you ordered Socialization Training your dog will stay with our professional dog trainer from the age of 10 weeks until its day of departure.

If you decide to postpone your New Doggy’s agreed delivery date, an additional daily boarding charge of USD 20 will be added to your bill. In the case of any such delays, you will have to pay for the boarding before your New Doggy can be delivered.

We do the last veterinary check up on the day of departure to make sure that your New Doggy is in tip top condition and ready to go. The official airport veterinarian also checks every animal leaving the country.

All the necessary travel and health documents will be attached to your New Doggy’s travelling crate. The original pedigree, vaccination record, and guarantee will be sent to you via standard airmail (this is free of charge). You will be informed via email when we post these documents.

Generally speaking, travelling is possible when dogs are between 12 to 17 weeks old. However, this depends on the regulations of the destination country. (E.g. The United Arab Emirates does not allow the shipping of dogs under 27 weeks.)

Please keep your phone close on the day of your dog’s arrival. If there are more than one airport close to your home, please be sure at which airport your dog is going to land. Do not send someone else to pick up your New Doggy if this is not already planned for. The airline will not give the dog to anyone else except the person named on the booking form. Take some sort of official photo identification (such as a driving license or passport) when picking up your New Doggy. Be there on time as flights sometimes arrive early. We would really appreciate if you contact us to let us know that everything went smoothly and your New Doggy has arrived home safely.

We wish to remind you that you are supposed to take your New Doggy for a check-up by your trusted veterinarian within 72 hours of its arrival.

Welcoming your New Doggy into your home is a very exciting time. Since your New Doggy has come from one of Europe’s best breeders, one can safely say that your New Doggy has everything necessary for a good start in life.

The first few weeks with your New Doggy are vital. The followning are some tips to help it settle in:

  • If possible take some time off work and do give your New Doggy some company for the next couple of days after arrival.
  • Give it some time to explore its new environment while supervised.
  • Take your New Doggy out for a walk or to the garden to relieve itself of its natural duties. Never forget to reward the dog with treats and praise when it relieves itself in the desired place.
  • Make sure that your New Doggy always has access to clean, fresh water.
  • Mix filtered water or bottled water with straight tap water until your New Doggy gradually gets used to its taste.
  • Talk to your veterinarian to decide on the best food for your New Doggy. Usually it is safest to find a dog food formula similar to the previously used variety.

We are available to answer any questions you may have even after having received your New Doggy. We are ready to help you if you need help with training or feeding your dog. However, if the problem is of a medical nature, our advice is to fix an appointment with your trusted veterinarian as we will not and cannot diagnose an illness over the phone.

Our company will make a follow-up call, two to three weeks after the date of arrival, to make sure that all is going fine

We would love to hear about what you and your New Doggy are up to. Photos are also always welcome. We can reassure you that we are not going to post photos of your New Doggy unless you wish for us to do so and can confirm it in writing.

Please feel free to give any feedback you wish to share with us regarding our website or quality of service. We would also find it very useful if you could spare a moment to complete our anonymous short online survey.

We wish to thank you for your feedback. We promise to do our best to be the company that you truly deserve.