Info for breeders

At we aim to help future responsible owners find top quality, healthy puppies with good temperament and what we do we do up to the most ethical standards. We constantly look for responsible breeders who have top quality dogs of specific breeds.

If you would like to be our partner you need to match the followning criteria:

  • You constantly test for and guarantee the health and temperament of your puppies. You have detailed documentation of your pups’ lineage, demonstrate knowledge about canine health, genetics, socialization and development. You take back your animals at any time and age if the owners cannot keep them.
  • You are specialized in one or maximum two breeds.
  • You demonstrate extensive knowledge of the breed’s history, traits, temperament and conformation. You have minimum 5 years of experience with the breed.
  • You are involved in the showning of purebred dogs. This can take the form of respected dog shows, locally, nationally or internationally, and competitions involving obedience trials, sport and athletics. Show and performance events enable responsible breeders to ensure that their dogs display the desired physical and behavioural traits desired for the particular breed. Every litter of show puppies has some dogs that will never compete in the show ring, often because they have physical traits that do not totally conform to exacting breed standards. However, you make sure that these pups have been raised with as much planning, medical attention and socialization as their show-quality littermates and make wonderful pets.
  • You keep your dogs as house pets, so you know that the offspring will be good pets as well.
  • You constantly strive to improve the breed you work with. You breed only dogs that are themselves good pets and fine representatives of their breed.
  • You constantly evaluate the health of your pups using sound, standardized genetic and other testing recommended for the individual breed. Tests include OFA (hip x-ray certification), CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation), Penn-Hip (hip joint laxity), SAS (subaortic stenosis, a heart defect common to some popular breeds), thyroid and other measures. You also test dogs for sexually transmitted diseases, like Brucellosis, prior to breeding a litter. Thorough genetic screening enables responsible breeders to minimize their chances of producing a health-compromised puppy. You are also open and willing to perform further tests should any of the future owners require.
  • You provide full, lifetime written guarantees covering genetic disease and temperament problems.
  • You have at least the mother dog on premises and let us observe the dog and her health and behaviour. You also provide information about the father dog and make sure visits, takes photos and checks the father dog. You are expected to breed your female dog to the best male, not the most convenient one.
  • You breed dogs over 2 years old, and breed the mother dog only a limited number of times.
  • You NEVER separate a pup from the mother and litter before 8 weeks of age.
  • You are located in Europe. At this stage we work with European breeders only.
  • You can provide references upon request.

In case you meet the above criteria and would like to be our partner as breeder please fill out the followning form: