Reviews & References

Our experienced team looks forward to work with you and welcome you as the newest of our many satisfied customers that have joined our family over the years. Below, please find some reviews and testimonials from our New Doggy parents and business partners.

I am very pleased with the result of our puppy adventure. First I was really afraid of being scammed but when I met dream dog I knew it was the one I was looking and. This website has brought joy to me and I love my puppy.


We were truly blessed discovering New and can highly recommend them. From the very first email they kept us updated and guided us through each stage and were very professional and totally transparent and answered all our questions and worries ( which I had quite a few). We now have our beautiful Havanese (Rooney) it was the best decision we made. He’s such a cool and chilled little man who everyone falls in love with. Thank you to Geza and the rest of the team!


Olivia has settled in amazingly. She is the centre of our family. Literally everything revolves around her. She has an amazing personality, sweet and playful. Her appetite was out of control. We had to get her a slow feeding dog bowl and add water so she wouldn’t inhale her meals. Winter was fun for us dressing her up in cute sweaters and coats. When we go on our walks everyone stops her to play with her. She loves the attention. I have so many pictures we take some everyday. My daughter put a collage together. If you would like more I’m happy to send. She is our little princess!


My puppy is the healthiest, happiness and well trained in the world! Your services were impeccable. The transport was very good and professional. Plus, you gave me so many very useful and precious advices. You made my family happy! Best compliment ever I think.


Hello Geza. Rachel is very well. She is happy, friendly and well socialised and gets on very well with the other 2 dogs. She especially loves the beach and swimming!
She is also very cheeky and a little naughty 😉 but she is lovely and everyone is in love with her!

KileyHong Kong is an amazing site to look for happy and healthy puppies. We were looking for Bernese Mountain Dog and found puppy that we fell in love with. However, we never bought dog over the web site and the only way to find out the procedure was to contact phone number that was mentioned on the page. People on the other side of the phone were so helpful. We discussed everything to the smallest details and the process of getting our first puppy was easy and pleasant. Breeders took the best care of us and our future puppy. Everything went smooth, after only few days: doggy was ready for pick up. We loved going through these people and we got the best puppy out there. Our puppy was happy, healthy, vaccinated, and so loved. We picked her up from a very good hands and we love her so much. Thankful for all good care. This was definitely the best way to get a puppy, loved working with people and love our new addition to our small family.

Ethan & ViktoryiaItaly

Thank you so much NewDoggy team for all your help and support with choosing the perfect puppy for our family. Sparky has been with us almost a month and it’s been great. He has brought so much joy to our lives! He is an amazing puppy and the obedience training that he had with new doggy professional trainer really paid off. People are surprised how well behaved 5 months puppy can be!


Few weeks later my brother asked me if I could help him to get a dog. I contacted New Doggy again and the same thing, few weeks later he got a lovely quite big Swiss mountain dog Franz. Franz is a great company and also lovely.

We are both very happy with all the service we got from New Doggy and can highly recommend them


One year ago I decided to get a corgi. I tried to find one in Scandinavia where I live big part of the year but it was 3 years waitlist. I searched on the internet and found New Doggy.
Contacted them and got immediate response.

Few weeks later they told me I could pick up a corgi. Steve Harding was very nice and professional to deal with and he send me all details and pictures. I had the pleasure to meet Geza and Ami Gunczer at the airport. They came with my little Maxi (Maximilian) and all papers, certificates and his passport and the transport case. All was perfect. Now I have the most lovely and a smart little corgi.


Emilia is really lovely, she is very gentle when with me, very playful when with my husband, and very naughty when with my daughter 😊 She is so pretty, much prettier than the photos on the website 😊😊

The vet said she is healthy. She was quite okay after the long travelling from Budapest, the agent helped us to pick her up from the airport is excellent, I can feel that they are all animal lovers.

Géza is very responsive to queries, really appreciate his help on finding us Emilia, our Buda Cooper. We now want to come to Budapest to see her home town 😊

BernadetteHong Kong

Cashy is amazing, energetic, smart etc. I could go on and on. The process of receiving her was fast and professional from the purchase to the flight and documents requirements. You guys always call from time to time checking up on Cashy and getting updates.


Dear Noemi,

My husband is on a recovering journey, and Teddy is there to keep him company which is good.


TeresaHong Kong

Adopting a golden retriever puppy ( young dog) was what I had been looking for with little luck. Many thanks to Geza and team for hand picking Snowy for me. A wonderful natured dog with little guidance became my companion / best friend for life 😊


Hi Annamaria,

They have arrived safe and sound and we have had a lovely day together, exploring their new home. They are currently asleep in the lounge next to me. They are a crazy adorable twosome with so much energy, which is wonderful. I now know how hard it was to capture a good picture of them as they move so fast. See attached a few taken after their first Dubai walk!

Thank you so much for all your help, your team has been brilliant. Pinot and Merlot send their love too! Ruff!


Hes a great little puppy – intelligent and calm, and easy to train. No issues whatsoever with toilet training.

We took him for a haircut and bath recently – here’s the latest pic. Thanks again for a really wonderful dog! The kids are so in love with him.

GavenHong Kong


Zahara in Mexico

Hi Annamaria,

As you can see in the picture she is all set in my house, she is way too cute truely unbelievable! She is already running all over the place very curious about her new home. I will send some more pictures later on.

Thank you for everything you did to get Zahara to us safe and sound. I appreciate all of your help during this time and through this process. I look forward to speaking with you further.




We are very happy with the help and support we have got from NewDoggy. We now have a fantastic little puppy who also has been very well trained, both in commands and socialization. He even was toilet trained! We can definitely recommend NewDoggy” when purchasing a puppy. They have been a great support through the whole process and we are a very satisfied customer.

CamillaSweden is a reputable company and provides a wonderful venue for owners to find the puppy of your dreams.  Everything they do from choosing a breeder to safe travel for your new puppy is done with the highest professionalism, and with the health, welfare and safety of all of the puppies in mind.

LindaUnited States

Thank you so much for all your help getting our puppy from Europe to the United States! We have received regular updates during his long trip, and custom clearance was smooth. Once again, thank you for the safe arrival of our puppy to Florida! We’ll definitely recommend to everyone!

The Perez familyUnited States

Alex, Beagle owner in Florida, Thanks

Dear Team, it is now three months that I received from you Pimpa the adorable French Bulldog. He is such a lovely dog. We enjoy every momoent we can spend together. Many thanks again for Pimpa and your professional service.


You do not know how much joy and happiness you have bought to my family! I listened to your advice and you helped me find the ideal dog for our needs! Not only is he is everything we asked for but so much more! I would defiantly recommend you to everyone I know!! Thanks so much for everything you have done.



Wanted to let you know that Prisca arrived… She is a very loving female… I trust you, we have bought many great dogs from you over the past many years. You have always exceeded in the quality of the dog and the explanation of its character in advance for me… I consider you a valued friend… Thank you once again for your help. Kindest regards, Randall

Randallfrom Chicago, January 2017

Dear Szigeti,

I absolutely LOVE the puppies confidence and drive.  They are very high quality puppies, you did a great job!!  Thank you very much.  I am very pleased with you and look forward to buying some more nice working puppies.  My legs and hands have been bitten many times by the puppies, they came off of the plane like nothing as if they had just gone for a 1 hr flight.  Very confident.  I like this very much and much drive.  They are small malinois in shepherd coats!  They are pretty also.  I like the very dark sable.  I will send photos of their new home soon.  Thank you again.


Hi Laszlo,

The 11 puppies that Hugi has had is doing very well.They seem to have alot of color, with alot of red in them!!! York is doing wonderful also!!! Thanks you for him..



Hi!  The puppies are doing great!  No Problem, great temperament and attitude, Both adjusted extremely well inmediately on their new homes,
Thank You for everithing,  Regards,


Hello, we picked up the pup, he is home doing very well; he is just a super pup, and we are very happy with him, and we thank you very much for sending him to us. There is just one thing more if you will please, what is the pup’s birth date as we can read, and speak only english, thanks again


Laszlo,Just wanted to let you know she arrived and is in wonderful health.  She is exactly what we were looking for.  I was wondering when I should expect to see her registration papers so that I can begin the process for changing her into AKC registration here in the states.  Again, she is everything I hoped for.  She is very intuitive and fearless.  A perfect puppy.Thank you,


Hi Laszlo:

I would like to know who the sire and dam are on Viernheimi Chybill . I picked up the puppy yesterday at the airport for a friend and really like her temperament.

Thank You,


The pups arrived.  They are doing great, settling in from the long flight.
We had problems with the broker Barthco, but otherwise great all round!
When can we expect their papers/export pedigrees to arrive?


Thanks Laszlo
Pups arrived safe and sound! They are very nice that male I think is a little devil hahahahaa. He bit the customs Agent hahaaaa.

Bethany Florida

Hi  Laszlo,

Ero is doing well and loves my kennel.  This is the second day and now he is training with me and other dogs. Thank you for Ero and arrangement for the shipment.

Pictures to show you how Ero is doing.



hi laszlo….courtney made the trip alright..shes much better today…i have to wonder what the extent of her training was ??also has she been inside a house at all or out in the kennel???any info on her past i would appreciate..thanks…


Dear Szigeti,
We wanted to let you know our 2 female puppies arrived-they are doing GREAT! They are absolutely beautiful puppies-we are VERY happy with them!
We got their paperwork that was on the crate-thank you for sending it.
They even seem to like Mike and get along good with him-I wonder if they recognise him-? They have a blast and wear themselves out!

Just something to tell you– we did have a small problem with Delta–the girls were NOT put on the flight from Atlanta to Cincinnati like we were told. They arrived 3 hours later on another flight than we were told.

We are actually very pleased with the business we have done with you this year in purchasing three of your puppies. We would not hesitate to purchase from you in the future-your puppies are beautiful!
Thank you very much for the great German shepherd puppies now happily keeping us busy!



I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my puppy.  I took him to the vet 12-17-2010 my vet said he was perfect! The puppy showed no fear when I picked him up from the airport, took him to the vet or put him in his new kennel. He has tuns of drive and focus. Thanks again.


Hello Laszlo.
Thank you for your help in getting Boxer to me in Houston Texas USA! She is here safely. Do you offer transport to airport normally?  I have other friends looking for good shipper.  And I may get other puppy!!
Best Regards,


Hi Szigetik
I’d like to send my kindest appreciation for helping ship Lokot (My WONDER Boy)
I’m very impressed with your company and how you have a strong appreciation
in handling our most precious friends,special companions