Code of ethics


The Fundamental Principles

At, we believe that any living thing walking this Earth deserves compassion and respect. Whether it be people, animal or plant, we believe that both the natural world and other living beings are not for us to exploit, but are here for us to cooperate with as part of a natural collective entity.

At we believe that we should always do what’s right and honorable, setting highest ethical standards for ourselves to follow and serving as a beacon for other businesses within the industry to follow our footsteps.

We aspire to maintain the reputation of a safe and trustworthy business that shows utmost respect for both the dogs that we promote and our human customers.

We aim for impartial and objective decision making that is in the best interest of both our dogs and customers.

We hope that our conduct and customer service serves as a testament of our trustworthiness.

The Cooperation with our Stakeholders


We do our best to never lose from our sight the fact that our company deals with living things. The Safety, Health, Comfort, and long-term Happiness of our puppies always comes first. Our puppies come from only the best European breeders who are chosen for the quality of their litters and their ethical breeding standards. We also do our best to make sure that our puppies go to those homes that understand that a owning a dog is a long-term commitment and not an impulse decision.

Customers and Breeders

When doing business with our customers and breeders, we always scrutinize the spirit in which the customer’s letter was written in an attempt to evaluate the honesty of their request. We also make sure to keep in line with the laws and exercise the highest standards of ethical conduct regarding the followning:

1. our business environment and commercial activities,
2. our use of market knowledge and commerce,
3. quality, health, safety and wellbeing of our puppies.

We only work with responsible breeders and dog owners. We always reserve the right to refuse the sale of any of our puppies if our quality standards are not met by the future owner. Read more on what we think constitutes Responsible Dog Owners.


We are committed to fostering a safe and inspiring working environment that provides our employees with equal opportunities and treatment. At, we value diversity as we believe that it is a valuable source that enrichment our company and provides us with valuable opportunities and ideas that can only come from different individuals from different walks of life.

The Community

Our Code of Ethics binds us to adhere to the highest standards of moral conduct when dealing with our customers. As a company we share the noble ideals to support animal protection organisations, especially those running sanctuaries and charities for dogs. We also vow to observe the letter and the spirit of the laws that protect our environment and communities.

Accountability and Transparency

We do our best to promote good values in both our business environment and the community it helps inform. We speak of these values often and in a clear manner, for them to translate into the high standards we strive towards.

We answer questions related to ethics, fairness and transparency as quickly as possible.And while mistakes can at times be made, we will acknowledge them, and work to correct them as quickly and as efficiently as possible, all while offering an explanation of what has been done.

We will also remain vigilant in our attempt to expose unethical breeding methods, even should they arise among breeders chosen to work with our organization, all of this will be done with the aim of abiding by the same high standards we expect of others.