Beagle Breed Information


Beagle breed info


The Beagle is a very popular breed, and it’s easy to see why. They are friendly, clever, playful, and loyal. The Beagle is a small to medium sized dog breed, typically tricoloured with patches of black, brown, and white, with floppy ears and soulful eyes Beagles need exercise, so if you’re looking for extra motivation to go for a daily walk or run, this dog might be it!

Beagle breed attributes

About Beagle breed


Beagles are a compactly built dog, sturdy in appearance and are considered a small-sized hound. Beagles are very intelligent and show signs of great alertness. The head of a Beagle should be free of wrinkles and the coat should be short and dense in appearance. Beagles should be bold with signs of a lot of activity, determination and stamina. They were bred with the purpose of hunting so they have a fantastic sense of smell. The eyes are dark brown or hazel in color. You can tell a Beagle from their ears, which should be long and rounded at the tip, while reaching all the way to the nose. The nose should be broad and black in colour, while having wide nostrils. Beagles jaws should be strong with a perfect “scissor bite”, meaning the upper teeth should closely overlap the lower teeth. The tail is moderately long and sturdy and well covered in hair.

Country of origin

The Beagle comes from Great Britain and is said to have been bred from the Foxhound for the purpose of hunting hares with men on foot. During the times of Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII there were Beagles that were small enough to be carried in hunter’s pockets! To this day, sometimes there are Beagles born that are called “pocket Beagles” because they are these smaller types.


The most common colour for Beagles is the tricolour which consists of black, white and tan. Beagles can also be blue, white and tan; badger, hare and lemon pied; lemon and white; red and white; tan and white; all white; or black and white.

The coat of a Beagle should be short and dense. Since Beagles were bred with the purpose of hunting, the coat should also be weatherproof. The Beagle is considered a moderate shedding dog breed. He has a short, thick, tightly packed coat. Some of the shedded hairs will fall back into the coat and some, of course, will fall out. It will be important to brush the coat on a regular basis to remove shedded hairs from the base and to brush off loose hairs.


There are few health problems that may arise with Beagles. Before you decide to buy a Beagle, you should consider the following risk factors that may arise with your NEW DOGGY:
1. Hypothyroidism
2. Eye conditions
3. Mange
4. Hip dysplasia
With this in mind, if you are truly adamant about owing a Beagle, we fully believe that you will be extremely satisfied with your NEW DOGGY.


Training your NEW DOOGY Beagle will be a fun and exciting experience for you and your dog. A Beagle is an extremely quick learner, especially if there is food involved. It will take time because they can be a bit stubborn but with consistent training, your Beagle will be an obedient dog. Crate training will be your best bet to start the training. Also, obedience classes are a great way to get your NEW DOGGY trained quickly and properly but of course training can be done at home too.


Beagles are a very bold and active type of dog. They love to be outside investigating the surrounding as it is by nature, a hunting dog. Beagles possess great stamina and show no signs of aggression or timidity. They are a very lovable and loyal companion animal. You will not be disappointed if you buy a Beagle!

Living with

Beagles can live in apartments or a house. They will be quite active their entire life and should be able to go outside as much as possible to explore and act on their primal instincts of hunting.
Exercise- As with any dogs, Beagles should be taken on daily walks. These walks help with anxiety of the animal, while allowing it to get the necessary exercise it needs. Beagles require a lot of outdoor exercise. This is because of the active and nature of hound hunting dogs.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your NEW DOGGY, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to clear up any confusion or any questions that you may have while looking for a specific breed.

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