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Golden Retriever breed info

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a beautiful, active dog that was originally bred to retrieve fallen game for hunters. Today, as well as hunting, they have shown remarkable versatility, succeeding as guide dogs, sporting dogs, and incredible family pets. The Golden Retriever’s namesake is its beautiful golden coat, which ranges from a light creamy shade to a deep red-gold colour. Their fur is silky, with prominent feathering on the back of the legs, and can have a flat or wavy texture. Clever, keen to learn, and affectionate, it’s no wonder that the Golden Retriever is a beloved pet world over.

Golden Retriever breed attributes

About Golden Retriever breed


The Golden Retriever is a large, powerful and active dog that was originally bred with the purpose of being a hunting dog. They exhibit eagerness, alertness and self-confidence that makes this fine dog the perfect companion. This fantastic breed is also used as guide dogs for the blind, help with the handicap and is great dogs around children. The head of a Golden Retriever should be broad, while its eyes medium large and brown in colour with dark rims. The nose is black or brownish in colour and the ears should be of moderate size. The jaws/teeth should be strong and consist of a scissor bite. The tail should be thick and muscular at the base and should reach to the hock.

The litter size of Golden Retrievers is fairly large. The average litter is 8 puppies but can range from 4 to 12 puppies.


The Golden Retriever originates from Great Britain in the 1860’s on a Scottish country estate owned by Lord Tweedmouth. He created the breed by mating a yellow wavy-coated retriever to a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) and this lead to the first litter of Golden Retrievers! They were brought over to North America in the late 1890’s.


Colours: The Golden Retriever has this rich and lustrous golden coat from which it name is derived from.

Coat: The coat of a Golden Retriever should be flat or wavy with good feathering and a dense water-resistant undercoat.


There are few health problems that may arise with Golden Retrievers. Before you decide to buy a Golden Retriever, you should consider the risk factors that may arise with your New Doggy and remember that this specific breed may require more health monitoring:

Hip Dysplasia
Several eye disorders
Less frequent: skin allergies, heart defects and epilepsy

With all this in mind, if you are truly adamant about owning a Golden Retriever, we fully believe that you will be extremely satisfied with your New Doggy.


The Golden Retriever is an extremely intelligent and loyal companion dog with a great affinity for quick learning. With some time and attention he or she can be trained in no time! Basic obedience training should be essential for training your new Golden puppy. These dogs are used to lead the blind and assist the handicap so they are very intelligent. Training can also be learned at home and should be used in addition to classes.


A Golden Retriever is a very loving and sweet animal that is extremely loyal to its family. They are friendly, reliable and trustworthy dogs and would be a fantastic addition to any family, especially with children.

Living with

The Golden Retriever is a quite a large dog and is more suited to live in a house with the ability to go outside. If you live in a flat that is fine as well, just ensure that he or she has the opportunity to go outside daily to get some much needed fresh air. Companionship is essential for this breed. They will form an attachment with their owners as they grow up and that attachment helps shape them into the loyal companions they are meant to be.

As with any dogs, Golden Retriever needs to be taken on daily walks. These walks help with anxiety of the animal, while allowning him or her to get the necessary exercises. They are a quite active dog so he or she would love some time outside playing with the family! Just make sure you always have fresh water available on those hot days.

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