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What makes a dog beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all think that our dogs are gorgeous. Your dog may be squashy or wrinkly or skinny, but their wonderful personality will always shine through, no matter whether they meet arbitrary breed standards or current trends.

Nevertheless, there are certain common features that most of us can agree are beautiful and eye-catching in a dog.

  • Fur: Dogs have a multitude of different coat types: long and fuzzy, sleek and short, curly, corded, wiry, and even hairless.

A healthy shiny coat is eye-catching. It may subconsciously indicate the health and vigour of the dog to us.

  • Colour: There are so many beautiful and unique dog colours. There are the stunning colours we see every day, such as black and tan, black, white, golden, chocolate brown and so on; and there are the rarer colours and patterns, like blue merle, albino, spotted, harlequin, red, blue, brindle, and sable. Each dog has its own unique shade and markings, so even two dogs of the same colour will never look exactly the same.
  • Eyes: Dogs have a wide variety of possible eye colours. It’s also possible for dogs to have different coloured eyes (heterochromia), especially in Collies.

People are often attracted to rare and unusual colours, but there’s no denying that any of the classic colours are equally gorgeous.

  • Just as with humans, the most common eye colour for dogs is brown: think of the deep brown soulful eyes of a Boxer or the mournful look of a King Charles Cavalier.
  • Ambereyes are common in liver-coloured dogs and Weimaraners.
  • Piercing coppereyes are often seen on black and dark dogs, and contrast beautifully with the dog’s dark coat.
  • Blueeyes are usually a stunning icy shade, as seen in Malamutes and Huskies. Merle-coloured Collies often have blue eyes; it’s very common for only one eye to be blue, or for a single eye to have a split colour. The blue eye is usually on the side of the face with lighter fur. Albino dogs have pale blue eyes.
  • Green is a rare eye colour in dogs. This colour turns up in American Pitbull Terriers, and sometimes in Weimaraners, but even crossbred dogs may occasionally have green eyes.
  • Face: Dogs evolved from wolves, but unlike their wild ancestors, dogs have the ability to “smile”. They have a more strongly developed muscle in their foreheads (the levator anguli oculi medialismuscle: the name literally means “the muscle the life the inner corner of the eye”).

When compared with wolves, this more developed muscle makes dogs far more facially expressive. They can use this to raise their inner eyebrow, which can give the dog a happy, smiling expression, or a doleful sad stare (the classic “puppy eyes” expression). It can also make a dog look more baby-like, which most humans, consciously or subconsciously, find appealing and cute.

Ways to make your dog look good

Any dogs can look beautiful. A healthy happy dog radiates a certain beauty. Even the most beautiful dog might need some help to look their best. An Afghan Hound can’t comb their long tresses: The Xolo needs baths for smooth healthy skin, and Poodles need some help to keep their curls in check. Here are some ways to make your dog look their best:

  • Fur: Brush your dog’s fur. Different dogs have different grooming needs, but even a dog with a low maintenance short coat will appreciate a brush to remove loose hair and dander. Breeds with unique coats, such as curly or corded coats, will benefit from specialised grooming, and will probably need regular trips to the groomer. Longer hair should be brushed daily to remove tangles.
  • Bath: Dogs don’t need to bathe as often as humans, but if they’ve just found something delightfully smelly to roll in, it’s bath time! Oatmeal shampoo can help reduce itchiness, and is easy to make or buy.
  • Good diet: A high quality diet will help your dog look their best. Foods with the correct ratio of minerals, vitamins, and macro-nutrients will provide your dog’s body, including the skin and fur, with all that it needs to function and thrive.
  • Nails: Even dogs need a pedicure sometimes! Most dogs will wear down their nails when walking, but dogs that walk less or have oddly shaped claws will need a quick trim every so often. You can buy nail clippers and clip the very tip of the nails off, or ask you groomer or vet to do it.
  • Accessories: Some people may call it gilding the lily, but a ratty collar looks a little sad on a beautiful dog. When you’re buying a collar, lead, or protective coat for your dog, consider which colours will look nicest with your dog’s fur. A red dog might not suit an orange dog coat or collar, but will look very handsome in mahogany, for example. You’ll be sure to find ideal accessories within your budget, whether you opt for a woven lead, or embossed leather collar (if you’re feeling fancy!).

NewDoggy carries top quality luxury items for dogs, including collars, coats, and harnesses. We work to design and create beautiful yet practical accessories that will suit dogs of all shapes and sizes. We are confident that you will find the perfect accessory that you, and your dog, will love.

15 of the Most Beautiful Dog breeds

Siberian Husky: With beautiful eyes (often a striking icy blue) and a soft furry coat, it’s no wonder that the Siberian Husky has captured so many hearts.

Alaskan Malamute: These big fuzzy dogs have luxurious plush fur, and big expressive eyes. Their incredible courage and endurance proves that their beauty is not just skin deep.

Saluki: sometimes called the Gazelle Hound, has been huntingin the deserts of the Maghreb and the Middle Eastfor thousands of years. Lithe and slender, the Saluki has sleek hair, and is sometimes feathered.

Afghan Hound: This stunning, slim, silky hound has long beautiful hair when the show coat is kept. Sensitive and sometimes aloof, this sight hound is a striking pet. Afghan Hound is definitely one of the most beautiful dog breeds.

Pharaoh Hound: Pharaoh hounds are striking dogs with an orange/red coat, sometimes marked with white on the chest, and golden eyes. Intelligent yet sensitive, these dogs are very hardy and cope well with the heat and humidity of Malta, their native land.

Catahoula Leopard Dog: Also called the Catahoula Curor Catahoula Hog Dog, this American breed hails from Lousiana. Thought to be the descendants of Native Americandogs and the French settlers’ Beauceron dogs, the Catahoula is used for hunting and herding. As their name suggests, they have stunning leopard-like coats in a variety of colours.

Collie: Collie includes a huge subset of herding dogs, including the bearded Collie, the Border Collie, the Australian Shepherd, and the Scotch Collie. On the whole, Collies are extremely clever and lively breed, and very beautiful to boot. They come in a huge variety of colour, including rarer shades such as blue merle, and often have blue eyes.


Golden Retriever: Often considered the quintessential family dog, the Golden Retriever is a wonderfully friendly and sweet-natured breed. The Golden Retriever has a soft smooth coat that needs regular brushing to keep it in top condition. When considering their nature they are definitely one of the most gorgeous and beautiful dog breeds.

Irish Setter:The Irish Setter is well known for its fiery redtresses and energetic nature. Graceful and enthusiastic, the Irish Red Setter may either come from a show line; bred to be larger, with a thicker coat; or a working line; with a lighter build and thinner coat. Although they were originally bred for hunting, the Irish Red Setter has proved talented at tracking, canine agility, obedience, and therapy work.

Puli:Sometimes called the “mop dog”, the Puli has a cordedcoat, similar to the much larger Komondor breed. Pulis require specialised grooming, but since they do not shed they are a great choice for someone with allergies.

Poodle: Poodles, and most poodle-mixes, are excellent dogs for beginners. Poodles come in all different sizes, from giant to toy, and in several different colours. The Poodle is fairly easy to care for, though you’ll need to take care of their curly coat (you may need to consult a dog groomer). Poodles of all sizes are clever and capable of learning a wide variety of tricks.

Mexican Hairless Dog: Also called the Xoloitzcuintli(or Xolofor short), this breed might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but fans love the smooth glossy appearance of this bald breed. Just because they’re bald doesn’t mean that Xolos are low maintenance: they needs lots of baths and plenty of sunscreen. If you look at hairless dogs only, Mexinan Hairless Dog is definitely the most beautiful dog breed.

batch_The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds - Mexican Hairless Dog

Weimaraner:The silvery Weimaraner was originally bred to be a gun dog of great intelligence and impressive tracking abilities. The modern Weimaraner retains these traits, and does best with a person that can provide enough physical and mental exercise for him/her, as a lack of exercise makes these dogs nervous.

Tibetan Mastiff: This massive Mastiff was used to protect sheep from leopards, tigers and other predators in the Himalayas. These enormous furballs are also prized as watchdogs, sleeping during the day to be ready for a night’s work. Although intelligent, their size and stubbornness means they need experienced owners.

Cocker Spaniel: Here’s a medium-sized dogwho loves the great outdoors just as much as relaxing on the sofa. The Cocker Spaniel was bred for hunting, but has an affectionate Cocker Spaniels make great family dogs. Be sure to walk them regularly, and expect many trips to the groomer: Cockers have long silky furthat needs daily brushingand regular grooming sessions.

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