September 2019

Dog Food Allergies blog

Dog Food Allergies

Imagine the situation: your dog is itching like crazy. They’ve lost huge chunks of fur, and their skin is looking raw. Maybe they have an ear infection, or puffy eyelids. You’ve treated your pet for fleas and ticks, but the itching continues, and you’re at your wit’s end. Don’t lose hope! It could be that your dog has a food allergy.
What is a food allergy?
A true food allergy (also […]

April 2019

What to buy before your dog arrives

You’ve met the pups, chosen your favourite, and signed all the paperwork. Your puppy is soon on the way home. Now it’s time to get everything ready for your new pet. But what do you need to buy? A new dog means a lot of shopping: everything from food to bowls! We’ve put together a list of the most essential things to buy for your new dog, as well […]

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Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat | New Doggy

Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

One of the things that make a responsible dog owner is proper feeding. It is not enough to know what is the best food you can feed your dog with but it is also essential to know what to avoid. Some of the foods which are healthy for humans can be really dangerous for your dog. With the help of our vet we have selected the most toxic human […]

September 2017

My dog stopped eating and drinking blog

My dog stopped eating and drinking

Just like parents with young children, dog owners revel in watching their dogs enjoy their food. After all that is what dogs are supposedly meant to do. Dogs are notorious for having a big appetite. They are also well known for eating anything just about edible, and even the unthinkable. It is therefore, very reasonable to get worried when a dog suddenly stops eating, drinking, or abstains from both.
Why […]

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Dog Oral Hygiene and Dentistry

Dog Oral Hygiene and Dentistry

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is less about achieving a tooth paste commercial smile and more about making sure that the teeth stay in place for the entirety of the dog’s life. In order to achieve this a few things must always be kept into consideration.