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December 2021

Dog allergies. Puppy diet. Gluten-free diet.

Does my dog need a Gluten-free Diet?

The subject of gluten in food has been a hot topic issue for a while. Many people have sworn off gluten due to its actual or perceived effects on health. Now pet owners are beginning to wonder about the effects of gluten on their pets, leading to the question “should my dog be eating gluten or not?” Some pet food brands offer grain-free options, whilst some dog owners will […]

Campylobacter: What dog owners should know

Is your dog lethargic, or perhaps feverish? Does he/she have diarrhoea? And have they eaten any raw chicken recently? It could be that your dog has contracted a campylobacter infection. Campylobacter can be a nasty, though not usually lethal infection – especially since humans can also catch it! Fear not: the NewDoggy is here to advise you.
What is Campylobacter?
Campylobacter is a type of bacteria that causes infectious diarrhoea. Campylobacter […]

June 2021

Teething Time

We’ve written about why dogs chew before, but the topic of teething deserves its own article. All puppies go through it, leaving many casualties behind them in the form of shredded shoes or well gnawed table legs. These tiny teething terrors leave many owners in despair, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel: teething does not last forever, and if you follow our advice, you […]

August 2020 How to stop a puppy from jumping on you and play biting

How to stop a puppy from jumping on you and play biting

When you think of a puppy, the words “exuberant” and “boisterous” will probably come to mind. Puppies tend to be balls of energy, zooming about with a bounce in their step, happy to greet the day. One way all of that energy comes out is in jumping and play biting. It may be cute when they are young, but as they get older – and bigger – jumping and […]

April 2020

Virus-Detecting Dogs blog

Virus-Detecting Dogs

The news has been a-buzz these last few days with articles on Coronavirus-detecting dogs.  Medical Detection Dogs, a British charity that specialises in training Medical-Alert Dogs and Bio-Detection Dogs, has started training dogs to use their sense of smell to detect COVID-19.
What is a Bio-Detection Dog?
A Bio-Detection Dog is one that has been trained to detect the scent of certain diseases in biological samples. So far, dogs have been […]

March 2020

A guide to life with your dog in quarantine blog

A Guide to Life with your Dog during Quarantine

The world has been hit hard by COVID-19. These past few months have been difficult and frustrating. We’ve all had to adapt to lockdowns, quarantine, and social distancing. One bright side of having to stay home is that you can spend more time with your dog . . . but what happens if you’re in quarantine? Quarantine typically lasts around 14 days, but with a bored dog that time […]

Coronavirus and dogs: An update

The Report
There have been reports of a dog in Hong Kong testing positive for COVID-19 (the new Coronavirus strain). The World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed that the result of the test was a weak positive. This means that low levels of the virus were found. It is uncertain if the dog is actually infected, or if it picked up the virus from a contaminated surface. The dog belonged to […]

February 2020

Coronavirus and your dog

One of the biggest events of 2020 so far is the Coronavirus outbreak in Asia. The worst outbreak has been in China, though a few people in other countries have been affected too. There are guides and protocols in place for humans, but what about man’s best friend? Are dogs at risk from this disease, or is the hysteria completely unfounded?
What is Coronavirus?
Named for the crown-like projections on their […]

October 2019

Addison’s disease in dogs blog

Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Addison’s disease, also called Hypo-Adrenocorticism, is a very serious disease that affects dogs (though humans can also suffer from this condition). Fortunately the condition can be treated, but it is important to know the symptoms and risks of the disease, and which dog breeds are more likely to develop it.

September 2019

Dog Food Allergies blog

Dog Food Allergies

Imagine the situation: your dog is itching like crazy. They’ve lost huge chunks of fur, and their skin is looking raw. Maybe they have an ear infection, or puffy eyelids. You’ve treated your pet for fleas and ticks, but the itching continues, and you’re at your wit’s end. Don’t lose hope! It could be that your dog has a food allergy.
What is a food allergy?
A true food allergy (also […]

May 2019


What is bloat? Also called Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) or twisted stomach, bloat is an acute, life-threatening condition that affects dogs.  The disease progresses as follows:

The stomach fills with gas, and becomes too stretched. The gas build-up means that the pressure inside the stomach increases, which can cause the stomach to rupture. At the same time, the increased pressure makes it difficult for blood to return from the hind-legs […]

April 2019

Puppyhood Sicknesses blog

Puppyhood sicknesses

Getting a puppy should be a happy time: after all, you’re getting a new, very cute family member. Unfortunately, this happy time may be marred by the shadow of illness. Puppies’ immune systems aren’t as strong as those of adult dogs, who have had time to develop an immune system and also have the benefits of vaccination helping them. This means that puppies are more at risk of getting […]