August 2020 How to stop a puppy from jumping on you and play biting

How to stop a puppy from jumping on you and play biting

When you think of a puppy, the words “exuberant” and “boisterous” will probably come to mind. Puppies tend to be balls of energy, zooming about with a bounce in their step, happy to greet the day. One way all of that energy comes out is in jumping and play biting. It may be cute when they are young, but as they get older – and bigger – jumping and […]

April 2019

The Pros of Socialisation

What is socialisation?
Socialisation is a process where puppies learn about the world around them, and how to live in it. In their first few months of life, puppies will learn to cope with all sorts of new situations: everything from meeting new people and dogs, to the hustle and bustle of city life.
What’s so important about socialisation?
Puppies are a wonderful mixture of energy, curiosity, and inexperience. They know very […]

March 2018

Crate Training for your Dog blog

Crate Training for Dogs

Puppies are very good at getting into trouble! Young and still learning about the world around them, puppies may inadvertently break things, chew things, or pee on the carpet. Although they will eventually learn what’s what, it can be useful to crate train your puppy to keep him/her out of mischief.

February 2018

November 2017

German Shepherd Dog | New Doggy

What is Mirror Method?

Mirror Method is a dog training method, developed in Budapest, Hungary in the last decade, after many years of research. This method is quickly gaining popularity all around the world being a very effective way to train dogs and puppies. The principle is based on the theory that: „our dog, like a mirror, reflects what kind of owners we are”.

Countryside rules for your dog

Countryside rules for your dog

Sometimes a day in the country is the ideal break from the hustle and bustle of urban life. You can enjoy fresh air, new scenery, and a wonderful day out. It’s also an ideal place to take your dog, who is sure to appreciate all the interesting new sights and smells. But do you know the rules for dogs in the countryside? Have a look at our simple guide […]

July 2017


Socializing your puppy

All of a sudden your enthusiasm starts to wane. Although these are all legitimate concerns, teaching proper behaviour and etiquette to your dog takes time. And just like in humans, puppy learning demands repetition and a learning curve usually follows.

June 2017

Everyday doggy etiquette

Everyday doggy etiquette

Given that most people nowadays are living packed together in cities, so close that we sometimes feel like we can almost make out our neighbour’s breathing through our thin apartment walls, it is therefore understandable to feel that we are living in a time that we have to take special care and precautions to interfere with other people’s lives as little as we possibly can.

March 2017

5 things you can teach your dog

5 things you can teach your dog, that will make your life easier

Have you ever spent some time wondering whether your dog can learn anything beyond the most basic of commands? Have you ever wasted hours on Youtube watching dogs doing house chores, wishing your dog could do the same and make your life a bit easier? Most dogs will never measure up to the canine prodigies flooding the internet because most people do not have the time and energy to […]