September 2020

Cabin size dogs NewDoggy light

Cabin-size dog breeds

Do you travel a lot? With today’s budget airlines and holiday deals, travelling has never been easier or more affordable. But for dog owners, travelling is not so easy; it means leaving our beloved pets behind with a pet-sitter or kennel.
For frequent flyers, sometimes it’s handy to be able to bring your pet along. Travelling with a dog can be expensive: there’s the cost of the crate, and the […]

March 2018

travelling with your dog

Essential things to prepare when travelling with your dog

Lets face it, whenever we visit a new exciting place we always want to take our loved ones with us. Taking your dog with you on vacation reduces the stress and worry of not knowing how your dog is doing while not under your supervision. Moreover, this is exactly what our loyal companions want to be doing; that is to tag along with us!

November 2017

Countryside rules for your dog

Countryside rules for your dog

Sometimes a day in the country is the ideal break from the hustle and bustle of urban life. You can enjoy fresh air, new scenery, and a wonderful day out. It’s also an ideal place to take your dog, who is sure to appreciate all the interesting new sights and smells. But do you know the rules for dogs in the countryside? Have a look at our simple guide […]

August 2016

Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Beach in Dubai

In Dubai there are certain places where you aren’t allowed to walk your dog, including public beaches. Luckily there is a list of beaches and other places where dogs are allowed, such as a beach near the Jebel Ali Resort & Spa, and a beach opposite Dubai College on Al Safouh Road. You can also take your dog to “open water” beaches, though try to keep away from the […]

April 2016

December 2015

Pets Travel Safe by Air | New Doggy

Pets Travel Safe by Air

Over two million pets and other live animals are transported by air every year in the United States. Since 2005 all U.S. airlines that operate scheduled passenger flights have to file monthly incident reports. The U.S. Department of Transportation requires these reports concerning incidents involving pets that injured, were lost or died during transport.