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January 2022

Top Ten Most Independent Dog Breeds

Maybe you adore dogs, but fear you will not be able to have one because you work full time. It is true that some dogs don’t cope well with being home alone. Fortunately, there are several breeds that are not so dependent on their people, and can spend a few hours home alone.
Keep in mind that even the calmest, most independent dog should not be left alone for too […]

September 2021

Top 10 dog breeds of 2021 blog

Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2021

2021 has been an interesting year so far: COVID-19 continues, the delayed 2020 Summer Olympics finally happened, and billionaires are blasting off into outer space. The ability to work from home has allowed many of us to spend more time with our beloved dogs, and encouraged many more people to get a dog of their own. In honour of our canine companions, we’ve put together a list of the […]

July 2021

Best dogs for women blog

Best Dogs for Women

What are the best dogs for women? Well, the answer isn’t so simple: which women? What are they like? What about their lifestyles and preferences? It’s impossible to select a dog breed that is perfect for each and every woman in the world. That’s why we at NewDoggy have put together a wide variety of dog breeds in a helpful list, to help you to decide which breed is […]

January 2018

history of english bulldog

The History of English Bulldog

The history of English Bulldog: they were originally developed in the 1600s for bull baiting: a blood sport in which a bull was tied to a metal pole or placed in a small pit, and dogs were set on the bull. The precursors of our modern English bulldog had little in common with today’s bulldog. They had more in common with Mastiffs and Pitbull terriers in shape.

June 2017

history of the boston terrier

History of the Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very popular breed. It’s easy to see why: they’re cute, friendly, and intelligent. Their small size means that they are just as happy in an apartment as in a villa, and they get on with just about everyone. You would never suspect that this charming little dog started out as a fearsome fighter!

May 2017

history of the labrador retriever

History of the Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is perhaps the quintessential pet dog, and is it any wonder? This breed has a lot going for it: its gentleness and friendliness, combined with intelligence and beauty. The qualities have led the Labrador Retriever to excel in many fields. They make great assistance and therapy dogs, excel in search and rescue and detection work, and of course make excellent pets.

What does it mean for a dog to be purebred

What does it mean for a dog to be purebred?

Purebred dogs, they are all the rage nowadays. But what does it mean for a dog to be purebred? Pure breeding is a concept in genetics where individuals of similar genetic composition are bred together in an attempt to retain as uniform a genetic composition as possible.

April 2017


History of the Coton de Tulear

When you think of African dog breeds, your mind will probably go to the Rhodesian Ridgeback, bred to hunt lions, or to the majestic Azawakh, used to guard livestock in West Africa. You might not think of a small, fluffy dog that originated in Madagascar: the Coton de Tulear, affectionately known as the Cotie or Coton.

March 2017