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October 2019

Addison’s disease in dogs blog

Addison’s Disease in Dogs

Addison’s disease, also called Hypo-Adrenocorticism, is a very serious disease that affects dogs (though humans can also suffer from this condition). Fortunately the condition can be treated, but it is important to know the symptoms and risks of the disease, and which dog breeds are more likely to develop it.

September 2019

Dog Food Allergies blog

Dog Food Allergies

Imagine the situation: your dog is itching like crazy. They’ve lost huge chunks of fur, and their skin is looking raw. Maybe they have an ear infection, or puffy eyelids. You’ve treated your pet for fleas and ticks, but the itching continues, and you’re at your wit’s end. Don’t lose hope! It could be that your dog has a food allergy.
What is a food allergy?
A true food allergy (also […]

May 2019


What is bloat? Also called Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) or twisted stomach, bloat is an acute, life-threatening condition that affects dogs.  The disease progresses as follows:

The stomach fills with gas, and becomes too stretched. The gas build-up means that the pressure inside the stomach increases, which can cause the stomach to rupture. At the same time, the increased pressure makes it difficult for blood to return from the hind-legs […]

April 2019

Puppyhood Sicknesses blog

Puppyhood sicknesses

Getting a puppy should be a happy time: after all, you’re getting a new, very cute family member. Unfortunately, this happy time may be marred by the shadow of illness. Puppies’ immune systems aren’t as strong as those of adult dogs, who have had time to develop an immune system and also have the benefits of vaccination helping them. This means that puppies are more at risk of getting […]

March 2019

Parasite Peril: Giardia

Is your dog vomiting or having diarrhoea? Maybe they are also lethargic or losing weight? It could be that your dog is infected with Giardia, a tiny parasite that can cause big problems for us and our dogs. The parasite causes an infected called Giardiasis, which causes intestinal problems but can also lead to severe complications in dogs with poor or undeveloped immune systems.

April 2018

cherry eye

Cherry Eye

Not to be confused with Cherry Pie or Eagle-Eye Cherry, Cherry Eye is more properly called Prolapse of the Third Eyelid. This is a painful condition that affects a dog’s third eyelid (nictating membrane). It can be agonising for the dog, and distressing for their human. Luckily, if this condition is spotted quickly, it can be corrected. We’ll be sharing tips on how to recognise Cherry Eye, and what […]

March 2018

Sunburn in dogs

Sunburn in dogs

Taking your dog with you for a day at the beach? Live in a hot, sunny country? Like us humans, some dogs love nothing more than lazing about, soaking in the warm sun. However, the sun can be a double edged knife. While getting some sun can be healthy, everything must be done in moderation.

February 2018

Does my dog have a stone in its bladder

Does my dog have a stone in its bladder?

Being a veterinary student, I had the privilege to shadow a veterinarian in my home town this summer. In a clinic one gets to observe a lot of interesting cases. I was surprised to see a large number of urolith cases; not a week went by without seeing a number of patients suffering from such problems. Uroliths are more commonly known as kidney and bladder stones.

January 2018

Dog Heat Stroke Prevention and Treatment | New Doggy

Dog Heat Stroke Prevention and Treatment

With summer quickly approaching, we are looking forward to beautiful weather, bright sunshine and time spent outside with our dogs. What a lot of dog owners do not realize is that summertime heat places our furry, four-legged friends in some danger. Heat stroke can be fatal for dogs, and this is something all dog owners should know. They should know how to recognize and to treat heat stroke (especially […]

September 2017

My dog stopped eating and drinking blog

My dog stopped eating and drinking

Just like parents with young children, dog owners revel in watching their dogs enjoy their food. After all that is what dogs are supposedly meant to do. Dogs are notorious for having a big appetite. They are also well known for eating anything just about edible, and even the unthinkable. It is therefore, very reasonable to get worried when a dog suddenly stops eating, drinking, or abstains from both.
Why […]