October 2021

Puppy typical vaccination schedule blog NewDoggy.com

Puppy Vaccine: What’s the schedule?

Vaccines are one of the best ways to protect your dog from dangerous contagious illnesses (despite what recent trends in pseudo-science may claim). Dogs should start to receive vaccines when they are 6 to 8 weeks old, and will need a few rounds of vaccines to help build up their immunity. Older dogs will need a yearly booster to keep their immune system in check.
We’ve written up a typical […]

September 2021

Top 10 dog breeds of 2021 blog newDoggy.com

Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2021

2021 has been an interesting year so far: COVID-19 continues, the delayed 2020 Summer Olympics finally happened, and billionaires are blasting off into outer space. The ability to work from home has allowed many of us to spend more time with our beloved dogs, and encouraged many more people to get a dog of their own. In honour of our canine companions, we’ve put together a list of the […]

Best treats to train and indulge your dog blog NewDoggy.com

Best treats to train and indulge your dog

We’ve talked about treats before on Newdoggy (see Dog treats to learn more): whether they are fancy and expensive, or home-made and simple, we all know that dogs love treats. Treats are so handy for training, but we all love to occasionally spoil our dogs rotten with a pile of delicious treats.
So what exactly are the best treats? We’ve put together a list of some favourites. Some are healthy, […]

August 2021

Emotional Support Dogs blog NewDoggy.com

Emotional Support Dogs

What is an Emotional Support Animal?
An emotional support animal provides emotional support through companionship.  These animals help people struggling with mental health issues by acting as companions. The presence of an animal can be very calming and may alleviate the symptoms of a person’s mental illness. People with conditions such as anxiety or depression can benefit greatly from having one.
Technically, any animal could be an emotional support animal, but […]

July 2021

Best dogs for women blog NewDoggy.com

Best Dogs for Women

What are the best dogs for women? Well, the answer isn’t so simple: which women? What are they like? What about their lifestyles and preferences? It’s impossible to select a dog breed that is perfect for each and every woman in the world. That’s why we at NewDoggy have put together a wide variety of dog breeds in a helpful list, to help you to decide which breed is […]

Most bizarre looking dogs blog NewDoggy.com

Most bizarre looking dog breeds

In this article, we have gathered some of the most unusual-looking dog breeds of the canine world. The heart wants what it wants!

Andean Tiger Hound: The groove that runs down the middle of a dog’s nose is unusually deep, giving this Bolivian breed the appearance of having a doubled nose! Used to track jaguars, this dog is exceptionally rare outside of Bolivia. They may be descended from the Pachón […]

June 2021

Teacup dogs blog NewDoggy.com

Teacup dogs

So-called “teacup dogs” have captured a lot of media attention in the past few years. You may even have considered getting one. But what exactly is a teacup dog, and what are the pros and cons of getting one?
What is a teacup dog?
A dog is considered to be “teacup” sized if it weighs less than 2kg. Generally speaking, there are no teacup breeds; teacup dogs are usually the smaller […]

November 2020

Cutest mixed dog breeds blog NewDoggy.com

Designer Dogs: The Cutest mixed dog breeds

So-called “designer dog breeds” have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With names such as “Goldendoodle” or “Cockapoo”, these dogs are crossbred from existing breeds. The aim is to create a dog that has the best traits of its parents’ breeds, while avoiding some of the health issues associated with purebred dogs.
This crossbreeding is also a good way to introduce useful characteristics to a dog; for example, […]

History of the Norwegian Lundehund blog NewDoggy.com

History of the Norwegian Lundehund

What has six toes on each foot, is an amazing climber, and is great at stealing eggs? It’s the Norwegian Lundehund, also called the Puffin dog, an incredible dog breed from Norway. This ancient breed is truly rare and unique, with a rich history that is worth exploring.
A Viking’s Best Friend
Far to the North, up in the Arctic Circle, are the Lofoten Islands. This archipelago is the homeland of […]

Euthanasia blog NewDoggy.com

Euthanasia: Time to say goodbye

The word “Euthanasia” comes from Ancient Greek and means “good death”.  When your dog is approaching the end, putting them down can spare your pet continued pain and suffering, and a long drawn-out death. It is a hard decision to make, and a difficult event to go through. In this article, we will explain how to know when it’s the right time for a pet to be euthanized. We […]

My dog is chewing blog NewDoggy.com

My dog is chewing!

Chewing and gnawing are normal activities for dogs. The problem comes when dogs chew on things you really wish they wouldn’t touch, like your nice clean shoes, that new table, or your friend’s jacket. It can be frustrating, expensive, and even embarrassing when your dog seems to chew up everything in his/her path. Fear not! It is possible to prevent inappropriate chewing. Read on to find out how.
Why are […]

Cushing disease blog NewDoggy.com

Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s Disease, also called Hyper-Adrenocorticism, is a disease that affects dogs (as well as some other species). This condition can be treated, but it is important for you to know what the signs are, and what your dog’s prognosis is.
What is Cushing’s Disease?
Cushing’s Disease affects a dog’s adrenal glands. These are two tiny glands positioned just next to the kidneys. With Cushing’s Disease, the adrenal glands become overly active […]