Welcoming a new puppy

February 2018

December 2017

Why you SHOULDN’T get a dog for Christmas

Why you SHOULDN’T get a dog for Christmas

Dogs are great. We love dogs, and encourage people to get a canine companion of their own. So why are we telling you not to get one at Christmas? The holidays seem like a perfect time to get a dog as a present for yourself or your family, and a puppy would surely add to the joy of Christmas. It may sound like a good idea, but we’re going […]

X-mas Hazards for dogs

Holiday Hazards for Dogs

It’s that time of year again. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, or some other feast, this is the time of year to meet family and friends, to relax by a fire or heater, wrapping presents or enjoying hot chocolate. It’s a time for appreciating those you love, and there’s no way you can leave out your dog! Your dog will probably be perplexed by all the decorations and […]

Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat | New Doggy

Human Foods Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat

One of the things that make a responsible dog owner is proper feeding. It is not enough to know what is the best food you can feed your dog with but it is also essential to know what to avoid. Some of the foods which are healthy for humans can be really dangerous for your dog. With the help of our vet we have selected the most toxic human […]

November 2017

German Shepherd Dog | New Doggy

What is Mirror Method?

Mirror Method is a dog training method, developed in Budapest, Hungary in the last decade, after many years of research. This method is quickly gaining popularity all around the world being a very effective way to train dogs and puppies. The principle is based on the theory that: „our dog, like a mirror, reflects what kind of owners we are”.

October 2017

What to consider when buying a puppy in Oman

What to consider when buying a puppy in Oman

If you’re a dog lover who’s moving to Oman, you might wish to bring your dog along, or buy one from abroad. Here’s our advice for bringing your dog to Oman, safe and sound.
Important Import Regulations
Oman is a kingdom in the Middle East, bordered by Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. The country spans from the hot deserts of the east to the blue waters of the […]

September 2017

August 2017

Cats and Dogs Can they get along

Cats and Dogs: Can they get along?

Fighting like cats and dogs: a common expression used to describe people who just don’t get along. And indeed, it often seems like cats and dogs just can’t get along. Dogs chasing cats up trees, cats lashing out at curious dogs’ noses and hissing: everything from “Tom and Jerry” to the children’s film “Cats and Dogs” suggests that for these two species, it’s hate at first sight.

My dog is running a temperature

My dog is running a temperature!

Your dog looks like it’s down in the dumps. Unlike his usual self, Rover has been lazing about all day. Rover hasn’t touched his food and doesn’t seem to be drinking much. It’s lovely weather, yet he’s shivering and it seems to be feeling cold. What’s wrong with your boy?

Help my dog is eating poop

Help my dog is eating poop!

You’re at work and you spent the whole day daydreaming about going back home and kicking back for a relaxing evening with your dog and cat and binging on some unhealthy food and TV series. You finally get home after getting stuck in traffic for the past one and a half hours. As you open the door your dog and cat rush to greet you.

July 2017


Socializing your puppy

All of a sudden your enthusiasm starts to wane. Although these are all legitimate concerns, teaching proper behaviour and etiquette to your dog takes time. And just like in humans, puppy learning demands repetition and a learning curve usually follows.