Best Dogs for the Office and Workplace

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Best Dogs for the office

For dog lovers, one of the best perks of a job is a workplace that allows them to bring their pets to the office. This concept has been growing in popularity since the 2010s. Having dogs at the workplace can boost the morale of the employees and give them something to bond over. Employees can save money on dog sitters, and get some extra exercise with their pooches.

There are certain breeds that are better suited for joining you at the office. No matter the breed, any dog you are considering bring to work should be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and toilet trained. The dog should have good manners with people and with other dogs. It might be better if your dog is neutered too. A very playful, loud, or energetic dog would probably be too distracting at the office: the ideal dog would be calm and quiet, and happy to play during your breaks.

With all that in, here are our top ten suggested breeds.

  1. Basset Hound: This short-legged dog may have a sad expression, but they are a joy to own. Relaxed and sometimes lazy, the Basset Hound is a great office dog, especially as they hate to be left alone. The average Basset Hound is friendly and tolerant, and usually has a calm and lazy nature.
  2. English Bulldog: The English Bulldog has a very agreeable nature, though occasionally stubborn. They are friendly, and happy to please their owner. Bulldogs love to chew, so while you’re at the office, you can keep your Bulldog occupied with a (quiet) chew toy. Be aware the English Bulldogs are very sensitive to hot weather. They are prone to heatstroke, as they overheat quickly and cannot easily cool down. Your office should have an air conditioning unit or fan, and a bowl of fresh cool water must be available at all times.
  3. French Bulldog: French Bulldogs are typically gentle and even-tempered, and like to divide their time between eating, playing, and relaxing. Frenchies have a reputation for being difficult to toilet train, so be certain that your dog is properly trained before you take him/her to the office.
  4. Greyhound: Greyhounds tend to be docile and sweet-tempered. While they can be stand-offish with strangers, they more affectionate with their families and can be quite cuddly. If introduced properly to new people, your Greyhound will soon become comfortable with them. As Greyhounds don’t need too much exercise, you can take your Greyhound for a morning run before work, and then for one or two quick walks later in the day.
  5. Labradoodle: Labradoodles adore everyone. Their kind and friendly natures make them excellent dogs for beginners. Labradoodles that shed less can be good dogs for offices where some people have allergies or where cleanliness is important. They are energetic, so make sure that your Labradoodle gets enough exercise before or after office hours.
    Best Dogs for the office

    Best Dogs for the Office (Image Source: DepositPhotos)

  6. Maltese: The Maltese is a sweet and intelligent dog that loves to be with people. For a little dog, the Maltese is very energetic: you’ll need to work some exercise into your schedule. Maltese dogs can be picky eaters, and are often difficult to house train. Don’t bring your Maltese to work until you are confident about their toilet abilities.
  7. Pug: Pugs are generally sweet and calm, and keen to please their humans. A properly socialised Pug will get along with just about everyone, as they tend to be docile and friendly. These small dogs do best living indoors. Pugs do not cope well with hot weather, so make sure you have a fan or air conditioning, and walk them when it’s cooler. They are also not cold resistant, but don’t mind wearing a dog coat or curling up on your lap.
  8. Bichon Frise: The Bichon Frise is famously bright, curious, and happy. They tend to be gentle, affectionate, and playful. The Bichon Frise adores people (and other dogs), and hates to be left alone. Bichons are relatively active dogs, so do take your Bichon for a walk or a game of fetch when you have a break.
  9. Shih Tzu: These little lion dogs are naturally very affectionate and good natured. They are less yappy than many small dog breeds, and get on well with most people and pets. They don’t need much exercise and will be content with a stroll around the neighbourhood and daily play sessions. As with many flat-faced breeds, they do not tolerate hot weather: if you live in a hot climate, it’s better if your office has air conditioning.
  10. Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkshire terriers are often very confident and adventurous. Some are cuddly; others are cheekier or more mischievous. They can be suspicious of strangers, so get your Yorkie used to new people and situations at an early age. Luckily Yorkies are often clever and quick to learn, though they can be opinionated!

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