Your Dog and the Type of Your Car

Your Dog and the Type of Your Car | New Doggy

I have found a funny article on the website with the title Your Pet May Influence the Kind of Car You Drive.

Celebrating National Pet Day on the 11th of April an automotive shopping site and a national radio show in the USA asked pet owners what type of car they drive to check whether their four-legged-friends influence their choice of automobile. They asked two mathematicians from Harvard University to frame an online survey and to analyse the results.

Your Dog and the Type of Your Car | New Doggy

About 3 500 pet owners took part in the survey and answered questions such as what brand of car they drive, whether they had multiple pets or multiple species of pets.

According to the final report the type of pet and the number of pets you have is an important indicator of the chosen car brands.

We have summarized the results of this funny survey:

  • Volvo, Hyundai and Lincoln are the most popular brands among owners who live with dogs only.
  • Every owner driving a Lincoln or an Audi has a dog or a cat at home.
  • Mazda owners more strongly prefer cats to dogs.
  • Subaru, Acura, Lincoln, Hyundai and Volvo drivers statistically prefer dogs versus cats.
  • Respondents with more than one dog favour Hyundai
  • Jeep, Ford and Dodge owners are more likely to have both a dog and a cat than the general population.
  • Lexus drivers are more likely to have either a dog or a cat but not both.

Some brands have their own fan breeds:

To read the full report, please click here: CarTalk Best Ride Dog and Cat Poll Results.

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