Fashion Designers, Models and Their Four-legged-friends

Fashion Designers, Models and Their Four-legged-friends | New Doggy

Meet some cute four-legged-friends of the fashion world. They are not only adorable but prove that even a glamorous life is better with a dog. The special bond between these dogs and their owners is pretty obvious and makes clear that dogs are as capable of loving us as we are of loving them. Let me introduce my favourite “fashion” dogs:

Marc Jacobs and his bull terrier NEVILLE

Neville has 183k followers on Instagram. Marc chronicles his life and frequently dresses him up therefore Neville is more fashionable than most of us.

Caroline Herrera and his toy poodle GASPER

In 2013 the inspiration behind the designer’s new handbag collection was Gasper. At the bottom of each bag Gaspar’s paw is featured. Very unique.

Gisele Bündchen and her family’s pit bull LUA and beagle SCOOBY

Both dogs are frequently spotted in the retired supermodel’s Instagram page. These lovely photos make a family of four ever cuter.

Miranda Kerr and her Yorkshire Terrier FRANKIE

The Australian model is fond of her little dog. Frankie accompanies her on photo shoots and even steals the spotlight.

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