How to Groom Your Dog in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Bad hair day?

How to Groom Your Dog in Dubai

Some dog owners have it easy: all their dog needs is a quick brush and the occasional bath. But for some, dog grooming is vital. Afghans need combing, Poodles need clipping, and most dogs will benefit from a pedicure to keep their claws trimmed and tidy.

Grooming is important

A good groomer can be very important if you live, or move to the United Arab Emirates. The scorching sun means that some dogs will be much more comfortable with clipped fur. Even if they live in an air-conditioned building, most dogs will still benefit from the many services that a good groomer should offer, such as tooth brushing, bathing, and pedicures (or should we say “pet-icures”?). Grooming helps to keep a dog’s coat and skin healthy, as well as keeping the claws and teeth in good condition. Grooming can also be very soothing for a dog. Here are some tips for grooming your dog in Dubai.

Find the best!

You need to find a groomer who knows their trade. A dog groomer should know techniques such as hand stripping of fur and various doggy hairstyles or clips, which products to use on different dogs (especially since some dogs suffer from dry skin or allergies), and how to handle dogs in a calm manner. Many dogs often feel nervous in new environments such as a grooming salon or don’t like being groomed. Look for a groomer with good reviews and a good reputation, such as Shampooch in Dubai.

Mobile grooming, groom your dog in Dubai

Some dogs hate going to the groomer, and may be nervous or aggressive in an unfamiliar setting. If you’re worried about your dog, you could call in a home grooming or mobile grooming service. Some companies in the UAE, such as Shampooch and Happy Puppy in Dubai, offer a mobile service. They will bring their grooming equipment to your home. Your dog will probably be a lot calmer being groomed at home, especially if you are there keeping an eye on him/her.

Don’t miss…

Your dog won’t need professional grooming every day. A dog may need grooming every 4 to 12 weeks. The frequency of grooming depends on many different factors, such as the type of fur or how fast the claws grow. However, your dog might benefit from regular grooming at home. It doesn’t have to be as meticulous as a professional grooming session. The occasional bath in the bathroom or outside with a garden hose will help your dog to keep clean and to cool down. Daily brushing should keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

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