How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home

How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home | New Doggy

In the litter the mother was the one. She meant safety for the puppy, but after separation this task has to be taken over by the owner.

The separation

The separation is the biggest stress in the life of a puppy. We need to let the little dog contact us and try not to overwhelm him or her with our love. We have to take notice of the sensitivity of the puppy too, some of them will contact us very soon, some of them will be more cautious. The most important thing is to wait for the puppy to take the first step. We certainly will notice when he will be ready.

The best way

The best way to welcome a new puppy is to stay home with him or her for a few days. Be very patient, and let the dog find out his or her new territory at his or her own pace.

How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home | New Doggy

After a few days we can carefully set up the basic rules, but we don’t have to be very strict in the first 6 months, the most important thing is the ability to enforce them and the consistency. In this period our puppy gets acquainted with the most new stimulus. The best for him or her is to keep him close to us to let him or her learn our mimic, mood and everything about us.

If we want to keep our dog only in the garden, in the first 6 months it is still advisable to let him inside the house. So that he learns everything about us, the rules and the life of the humans. Later on he can be moved out to the garden.

How to Welcome a New Puppy

When a puppy arrives to his or her new home, he or she gives the trust that we will be his good leader. Off course we can limit it easily sooner or later, but this will be another story….

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