June 2016

Poisonous, toxic plants to dogs

Toxic Plants to Dogs, Poisonous Species Your Dog Should Not Taste

Trees, shrubs, plants, flowers: beautiful, aromatic, colourful. You can find plants both inside and outside the home. You probably know some of the poisonous plants in your area, but you may not know which species are dangerous or even deadly to your dog. Plenty of house, park, and garden plants can poison your pooch.

January 2016

How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home | New Doggy

How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home

The separation is the biggest stress in the life of a puppy. We need to let the little dog contact us and try not to overwhelm him or her with our love. We have to take notice of the sensitivity of the puppy too, some of them will contact us very soon, some of them will be more cautious. The most important thing is to wait for the puppy […]