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April 2019

What to buy before your dog arrives

You’ve met the pups, chosen your favourite, and signed all the paperwork. Your puppy is soon on the way home. Now it’s time to get everything ready for your new pet. But what do you need to buy? A new dog means a lot of shopping: everything from food to bowls! We’ve put together a list of the most essential things to buy for your new dog, as well […]

March 2019

Parasite Peril: Giardia

Is your dog vomiting or having diarrhoea? Maybe they are also lethargic or losing weight? It could be that your dog is infected with Giardia, a tiny parasite that can cause big problems for us and our dogs. The parasite causes an infected called Giardiasis, which causes intestinal problems but can also lead to severe complications in dogs with poor or undeveloped immune systems.

May 2018

dogs and horses

Dogs and Horses

Dogs can be very inquisitive creatures, and sometimes are desperate to investigate new things – including animals. Whether you occasionally meet horses on dog walks in the countryside, or are a passionate equestrian with a pet pooch or two, it is important that your dog learns to behave properly around horses.

April 2018

cherry eye

Cherry Eye

Not to be confused with Cherry Pie or Eagle-Eye Cherry, Cherry Eye is more properly called Prolapse of the Third Eyelid. This is a painful condition that affects a dog’s third eyelid (nictating membrane). It can be agonising for the dog, and distressing for their human. Luckily, if this condition is spotted quickly, it can be corrected. We’ll be sharing tips on how to recognise Cherry Eye, and what […]

bathing a dog

Bathing your dog

A lot of dogs love being messy. Your average dog will happily roll in mud, manure, or miscellaneous dead animals, dashing through grass and soil until they look like they’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards (for some dogs, this might be what actually happened!). A dirty dog will need to be cleaned up, and that means bath-time.

March 2018

travelling with your dog

Essential things to prepare when travelling with your dog

Lets face it, whenever we visit a new exciting place we always want to take our loved ones with us. Taking your dog with you on vacation reduces the stress and worry of not knowing how your dog is doing while not under your supervision. Moreover, this is exactly what our loyal companions want to be doing; that is to tag along with us!

Sunburn in dogs

Sunburn in dogs

Taking your dog with you for a day at the beach? Live in a hot, sunny country? Like us humans, some dogs love nothing more than lazing about, soaking in the warm sun. However, the sun can be a double edged knife. While getting some sun can be healthy, everything must be done in moderation.

Crate Training for your Dog blog

Crate Training for Dogs

Puppies are very good at getting into trouble! Young and still learning about the world around them, puppies may inadvertently break things, chew things, or pee on the carpet. Although they will eventually learn what’s what, it can be useful to crate train your puppy to keep him/her out of mischief.

February 2018

Does my dog have a stone in its bladder

Does my dog have a stone in its bladder?

Being a veterinary student, I had the privilege to shadow a veterinarian in my home town this summer. In a clinic one gets to observe a lot of interesting cases. I was surprised to see a large number of urolith cases; not a week went by without seeing a number of patients suffering from such problems. Uroliths are more commonly known as kidney and bladder stones.

January 2018