January 2017

Resolutions you made that your dog will love

Resolutions you made that your dog will love you for keeping

It’s one thing making a new year’s resolution and another thing keeping it. Although it’s normal for one to lose motivation as the weeks roll by, it often helps to think that we are not the only ones that can benefit from sticking to our guns and bettering ourselves. Among the people that stand to benefit from our mission of self-improvement are our dogs.

August 2016

Being On Your Best Behaviour While At The Vet

The veterinary clinic is a daunting place. This mandatory experience in a pet owner’s life is a bulging
bag of emotions. Here are some tips to get out of the clinic while still maintaining a shred of dignity.
The Duracell bunny
If the dog’s energy level is going through the roof, taking him like that to the vet will
only make matters worse. For most dogs, the clinic is a necessary evil and […]

canine agility

Sport: Canine Agility

Canine agility is a sport for dogs and their owners. The dog/human pair must work as a team, with the dog completing a timed obstacle course (off the leash), and the owner directing the dog through the course. Common obstacles include jumps, see-saws, poles, and tunnels, but the dog may also be asked to sit and stay in a marked area (sometimes called the pause box) for a few […]

January 2016

How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home | New Doggy

How to Welcome a New Puppy at a New Home

The separation is the biggest stress in the life of a puppy. We need to let the little dog contact us and try not to overwhelm him or her with our love. We have to take notice of the sensitivity of the puppy too, some of them will contact us very soon, some of them will be more cautious. The most important thing is to wait for the puppy […]