Taking your dog on a date with a lady.

Mingling with the ladies

Taking your dog on a date with a lady

As you lay your head on the pillow, hugging your four legged rascal as you drift off to sleep, a thought just crosses your mind. It’s been some time since you last shared an emotional connection with a female member of the same species. It was even longer since you lived with one. Maybe you and Rover could do with some company. The thought keeps you awake at night and by next morning you get out of bed tired but resolute on doing something about it. However, you wouldn’t choose anybody else over Rover and you want him to tag along on your dates to make sure that both of you like the lady in question. You download a dating app or go to the local pub, and both of you scan your surroundings for a lady that is to both your likings. You’ve matched with someone on a dating app or you’ve managed to get a girl’s number after she caught your eye and your imagination at your friend’s party.

You secured a date! Now what?

Now is the time to prepare to make a lasting impression! You spend hours picking the clothes you will wear on the date, you try it out, spend more hours sending your female friends pictures for an opinion … but wait a minute … Rover needs to look the part too! What can you do to make this formidable duo as irresistible as possible? Here are a few pointers :

Make sure that your dog is well behaved enough to take him on a date

This is a very important point! Some dogs, if not well socialized, might not have the best manners to be taken on a date. Some dogs beg, pull on the leash and jump up on people (this last one might not be very much appreciated especially if the woman put a lot of effort in her dress) which might make the whole date a bit of a nightmare. A misbehaving dog will also continuously distract you from the date at hand, and will seriously cripple any efforts at a good conversation. However, one must also keep in consideration that some environments are not suitable for dogs. Dragging your dog with you to a bar at 11 o’clock at night might firstly irritate your dog because it is way past it’s bedtime, and also because dog’s don’t usually like very loud environments.

Make sure that the dog is fed before going out on a date

A hungry dog is not a happy dog. Taking your dog with a rumbling tummy will not only give your date the impression that you do not take proper care of your dog, but is also a recipe for embarrassment. You don’t want your dog to be constantly begging for titbits from your date and strangers, or stares at everyone’s meals like it never ate a meal in it’s life. Also, taking care to feed your dog enough good quality food will make your dog look healthy, and will avoid awkward, disgusting situations.

Make sure that your dog is properly groomed and looks well taken care of

You can look as sharp as a razor blade, but if your dog looks scruffy and smells like it hasn’t had a wash in three months, or the dog’s leash and collar are in tatters and look like they have been handed down three doggy generations, gives off a very bad impression. It is understandable that your dog is not kitted out in the best way possible if you’re surviving on a measly student’s budget. However, if you have a job and you’re at a point in life where you should afford decent accessories for your dog, it is highly suggested to splurge a few bucks to make your dog look good. Showing that you feel it’s justified to spend money on your beloved dog, gives the impression that you are willing to invest in the people you care for and love.

Teach the dog a few tricks

Having a few tricks up your slieve is not only a sure way to impress your date, but it also shows that you actually spend quality time with your dog. This is a sure fire way to show her that you do not keep your beloved dog lying around like a piece of furniture. It also shows that when something or someone is important in your life you readily invest time in the relationship.

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