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January 2018

Italian Dog Breeds (Part I)

Italian Dog Breeds (Part I)

Italy boasts a rich culture, with ancient history and culture. An old Italian proverb states “Whoever loves me, loves my dog”, and as you might expect, Italy’s dog breeds are a beloved part of the country’s rich culture.
Guardian dogs
The Abruzzese Mastiff is an enormous dog, bred to guard livestock. It is so talented at this that the breed has been imported to Norway and the USA to fend off bears […]

August 2017

July 2017

Dog breeds for a family with very young children blog

6 dog breeds for a family with very young children

The truth is that any dog breed can make a good family dog if properly socialized with young children. However, there are some breeds that are more suitable for the job than others. There are many characteristics that are sought after in a family dog that has to coexist and interact with small children.

December 2016



The relationship between the dog and the hunter predates the concept of history. If it wasn’t for the
dog we humans as a species would have most probably gone extinct and wouldn’t have had the edge over our other humanoid competitors. Some argue that the world would have been better off without us, but since us humans and our partners in crime are still gallivanting around the planet,
our relationship as […]

August 2016

Best dog breeds for children blog

10 Best Dog Breeds for Children – Let Us Help to Decide

There are many factors that will help you choose the ideal dog for your family, such as how much time you have to look after one or how much space you have. However, you should also consider a dog breed known for being child friendly. Here are some of the top ten dog breeds that are great for kids.

July 2016

Banned Breeds of the Middle East

In the Middle East, dogs are traditionally thought of as unclean animals. Working dogs, such as those used for herding or guarding, are accepted, but aside from the prized Saluki, dogs are traditionally kept out of the house. Touching a dog is said to make one impure, and many people are nervous or even afraid of dogs.

Popular Dogs of Dubai

The Dogs of Dubai and the Emirates

Dubai, the top business hub of the Middle East, is famous for its grandeur and luxury. Oil and global trade made the city rich, and brought people all over the world to live there. Although dogs are sometimes rejected in Middle Eastern culture for being “unclean” animals (with the exception of the Saluki), the cosmopolitan nature of the city has made pet dogs popular. Although small dogs are popular, […]

The Most Expensive Dogs of the World

Pedigree pups aren’t cheap: after all, you’re paying for all the time and effort the breeder has put into breeding and raising the puppies. Certain canine bloodlines from champion dogs, whether it is for agility, hunting, or showning, often lead to increased prices. Both popular and rare breeds can be expensive, especially if there’s a demand for them.

June 2016

malta-dogs, malta likes

Top dogs, Malta’s favourites

Welcome to Malta: a group of islands (principally, Malta and Gozo) that make up a small republic in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps most famous as a holiday destination and film location, Malta is beloved by dog owners for its beautiful rocky beaches and quiet countryside, which are perfect for long walks with canine companions. Oddly enough, the Maltese dog, a toy animal with beautiful white fur, […]

December 2015

What to Consider When You Choose a Dog Breed | New Doggy

What to Consider When You Choose a Dog Breed

Once you have decided and are absolutely sure that you want to purchase a purebred dog you need to choose a breed that suits you, your lifestyle and environment the most. Your dog may be your best friend if you select his or her breed very carefully. Each dog breed has its own characteristics which matches certain lifestyle and environment.